Who We Are

Face The Music is a collaboration between great musicians and experienced organizational consultants who bring a uniquely powerful mix to clients’ programs and events. And while we are definitely entertaining, we are not mere entertainment. Rather our music events are a powerful catalyst for teamwork and organizational change — using a variety of musical genres as our toolkit — to help organizations become higher performing, more innovative, and just plain cooler places to work.

FTM History

The seeds of the FTM music events go back to the roots of the blues—men and women ad libbing and performing blues songs about work and life. Co-founder Paul Kwiecinski and his brother Dave have been enrolling fellow party goers into expressing their blues through song since the 1970’s, and Paul brought it along to the world of organizational development when he became a consultant in 1994, playing at conferences like KCC and MetaSystem Consulting Group training events. About 1997, Paul began using drum circle exercises in corporate teamwork programs, inspired by Arthur Hull, to get the benefits of music, cooperation, listening, etc. when working with teams. When preparing for a teamwork session in Paris in 1998, he decided to take his guitar and do the ol’ blues ad lib stuff with the group there. The music event was a big hit with the French, but it remained an isolated incident.

Face the Music Music Events History

A few of months later, Mitch Ditkoff was at a blues gig one night, when (as he tells it), it hit him! We could take this blues approach and make it into a regular teamwork offering for our clients to express [themselves] and go beyond their blues. In April 1999, Mitch called together a few friends—corporate trainers, organizational development consultants, and musicians to discuss an idea of taking blues writing to our clients and beyond in the corporate world. Out of this initial meeting, Paul Kwiecinski, an OD consultant, bass player and singer, Paul Duffy, keyboardist and bandleader, and Mitch, an innovation and creative thinking trainer, formed Face The Music to develop the idea.

After a couple of months of high energy brainstorming and design and their own teamwork, Face The Music put the word out about their music events and got their first gig with Idea Champion’s client GE at their corporate training center in Crotenville. It was an international group of about 75 people. The original FTM band members were: Ken McGloin guitar, Mindy Jostyn vocals & harmonica, Pat Thorney vocals, T. Xiques drums, Denny Snyder guitar, Paul Duffy keyboards, Mitch Ditkoff MC, Paul Kwiecinski bass—FTM was off and running!

In 2001, Ken McGloin became FTM Musical Director. As time went on FTM incorporated other offerings and styles of music to their repertoire. FTM has done music events in the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia with clients like GE, Pfizer, Bank of America, Ernst & Young, General Mills, Lucent, Bristol-Myers Squibb, JPMorganChase, Astrazeneca, Novartis, Macy’s, Cargill, Panasonic, Allstate, Sanofi-Aventis, and on and on—FTM clients have used music and the blues to have fun, identify their issues, get to know each other, catch a new attitude toward their situations, and to get inspired to get into action about making a difference in creating the workplace that they want to have.