Program Options

 Ice Breaker and Team Builder

  • Blues Interactive

    Our world-renowned signature program. A mix of our band’s performance and audience interactive songwriting (in which your people write and sing their original blues songs about company-specific issues.) This service includes one custom song about your organization that we will write and perform ice breaker. Approximately 2 and 1/2 hours. Case Study »

  • Rapper’s Delight

    Face The Music brings an opportunity for authentic expression, groove, and fun in the Hip Hop medium. Participants can create their own record company, and produce their cuts, market and package, and even do music videos to promote their artists. No singing talent necessary, but high energy, creativity, and telling it like it is.

  • Rock The House

    We’ll help teams of your people write rock ‘n’ roll songs about their work issues and they’ll have a chance to perform them with our band. Using the global language of music, and the energy, creativity, and honesty of rock, participants tap into heretofore unutilized resources to get fully engaged and aligned—passionate about their work, living their values, and responsible for results. This is a great team builder exercise. One custom song included. Approximately 2 and 1/2 hours. Case Study »

  • Rock Star

    Call it American Idol or just a chance to glitter in the spot light. You become the star! This service is built upon the talent that lies deep in your organization. FTM takes individuals that choose to perform and we rehearse them, then they perform onstage for their colleagues with the Face The Music band. This can be done in a competition or in a concert type of format. The enthusiasm and appreciation of the audience for their co-workers performing is amazing and inspiring and serves as a great team builder. Performers of all types participate, even drummers! Case Study »

Event Music

  • House Band

    We can add depth, dimension and impact to the themes you want to communicate with a smokin’ hot band. FTM will put together a customized band and program that will connect with the audience to communicate in a way that will be powerful and memorable. Playing live at your event, ala the Letterman band, our event music creates a powerful “soundtrack” that includes: covers, customized lyrics, customized songs, video scoring, walk-in & walk-out music, play ons, and interaction with your top executives. How? Three keys: (1) Talent, (2) Preparation; and (3) Professionalism. Event Music Case Study »

  • FTM Performance

    Your group sits back and appreciates Face the Music’s mix of classic blues, rock, and/or pop songs, and our corporate parody songs. (The audience does not need to write or sing anything). FTM’s event music play list will be customized to your themes and preferences. We can also write custom songs for the event, and include some interaction with the participants. Event Music Case Study »

  • Dance/Reception Band

    The FTM band has all of your Corporate Entertainment covered. We can play a wide array of cocktail music or dinner entertainment. When it’s time to switch to high gear, FTM turns an ordinary party into an extraordinary party. We can play all styles of music including: Motown, Disco, Rock, Swing, Top 40, Latin, Country and Reggae. For the best Event Music Band in the country look no further than Face The Music. Event Music Case Study »

  • Keynote

    From LA to London, Baden-Baden, Rome, Dubai, and Mumbai, Paul Kwiecinski has spoken on topics of innovation, organizational excellence, coaching, and the business blues, among others. Paul customizes each presentation to the strategic goals of your organization. He is known for his lively, out-of-the-box, and results-based keynotes, mixing music, organization theory, state of the art research, and audience participation for an engaging and memorable experience. As a consultant, Paul is expert in the management of innovation and assisting companies in accelerating ideas to market. Case Study »


  • Beyond The Blues

    A program that builds on the power of the interactive sessions, that helps ensure your people won’t be singing the same blues next year. Simply put, Beyond the Blues is a facilitated consulting intervention that uses the blues as a starting point to taking action to change those blues. It enables conference attendees to brainstorm ways of resolving their various business challenges and get into action around making a difference. Can be done as a full group or in concurrent sessions. From one hour to two days. Case Study »

  • Team Jam

    Teams are the essential building blocks of an organization. Let FTM get your team on track, in the rhythm, and into a fresh start, working with our skilled facilitators and the band to create a team builder experience that will help propel the team to the next level. Use the power of music to throw light on team dynamics, raise and discuss critical issues, and align into an action plan that makes an impact going forward. 1/2 day, 1-day, or 2-day programs that directly address your operational results. Case Study »

  • Innovation Now

    A process to develop a culture of innovation in your organization. This initiative is a joint venture with Face The Music, MetaSystem Consulting Group, and Above and Beyond, designed to identify key challenges, update systems, structures and policies, get buy-in and support from all levels of the company, and develop a culture that routinely turns their best ideas into reality and results. All of this supported by the creativity and energy of FTM! 1/2 day programs, 1 1/4 Offsite Meeting Adjuncts, 12 month to 18 month Innovation Initiatives. Creativity in the Workplace, Facilitation of Focus Groups, Innovation BootCamps, Development of Innovation Initiatives & Teams. Case Study »

Other Services

  • Record It

    We can provide your attendees with professionally recorded CD’s and DVD’s of their performances, conference programming, custom songs, FTM business blues songs, and whatever you choose to help make a memorable conference last. A group from Lucent recently requested a re-issue of a 2001 CD they made as an ice breaker for an upcoming meeting. What demand! We can also send an electronic MP3 almost immediately. This is a great way to keep the FTM Experience alive and the memory real. Audio Files »

  • Custom Song services

    A unique way to launch new products, services, initiatives, or rally around a theme. Basically, after doing a thorough intake with key players, we write a song about what’s going on in your company, record it, and deliver as many CDs as you want, or make it available electronically. The finished product is a great way to communicate a powerful message to employees, customers, clients, vendors, the press—either in the office or as event music. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then a good song is worth a million. Audio Files »