How It Works

Face The Music is a powerful, interactive process that uses team development to bring people to the next level of engagement — out of their heads, out of the box, and into a more powerful place of participation. And while we are definitely entertaining, we are not mere entertainment. Rather, we are a powerful catalyst for change — using the blues, and a variety of musical genres as our team development toolkit — to help organizations become higher performing.

Each Face The Music event is customized for the specific needs of your organization. We work with you to get clear on your objectives and how you would like them to be supported. As part of the process, we write a custom song for you. This song will be performed as part of your program, priming the business innovations pump as your people get ready to write their own songs. It also serves as a check point to verify that we understand what your event and / or team development issues are.

The format and duration of each program ranges from a 2-hour after-dinner edutainment to a multi-day training and consulting intervention. The focus is on your people getting an opportunity to identify their key issues, and express them in collaboration with their teammates in a blues song.

Face the Music Team Development and Business Innovations

The process helps put issues on the table, helps identify common ground, and causes a reframing of the issues and your people’s perspective on them as they work together to craft the lyrics of their songs. And they have a great time doing it.

In longer sessions we take time to explore the issues, brainstorming business innovations, looking at new processes, and finding empowering ways to go beyond the business blues.
Face The Music is facilitated by experienced organizational / team development consultants including skilled blues musicians.

“In tune with the needs of corporate America” is how CNN described us. And as our many Fortune 500 clients tell us, we are perfect for team development, corporate messaging, new product launches, sales rallies, learning retreats, change initiatives, company celebrations, and business innovations off sites.

Yes Face the Music is fun. Yes Face the Music is energizing. And, Yes Face The Music is cathartic. But even more than that, it’s a powerful learning experience. How so? Because the process of writing and singing a meaningful blues song– in a room full of co-workers, on demand, and under challenging time constraints– requires the same skills and competencies that will be expected of your entire organization in the rapidly changing 21st-century marketplace. : collaboration, communication, teamwork, business innovations, creativity, decision-making, leadership, “followership”, generating-accessing-and implementing ideas quickly, and producing results in an unfamiliar medium with limited resources in a short amount of time.

Bottom line: each Face the Music event is an insight-invoking business simulation, a “holographic mirror” in which your workforce gets a good look at how they:

  • Respond to unexpected business opportunities
  • Make use of available resources
  • Improvise
  • Take risks
  • Process new information
  • Experiment
  • Learn from feedback
  • Adapt to change
  • Collaborate
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Think outside the box
  • Diffuse stress
  • Problem-solve
  • Communicate
  • Speak the truth
  • Get new products to market
  • Persevere
  • Experience freedom within structure
  • Celebrate success