| March 14th, 2016

What Question are You Asking? | March 10th, 2016

What is a culture? Do you have one? And can you tell what kind of culture it is? Why do people collaborate and why do they resist collaboration? What does storytelling have to do with your business? Why is it important for people to be heard? Can you be TOO organized for your own good? […]

In a Nutshell | March 3rd, 2016

“You identify and review the problem to be solved, build a package to fit and then deliver it with a plan to maintain the impact you have created. I brag about my decision to use FTM. -DA-

From a Client | February 25th, 2016

You deliver a service that creates dramatic change in the working relationship of teams and benefits your client’s bottom line. You identify and review the problem to be solved, build a package to fit and then deliver it with a plan to maintain the impact you have created. This interested me as a business manager, […]

A Work Tool that is also Fun | February 7th, 2016

The agenda items of corporate events—what we’ve run in to since inception has been a need for our clients to see where we fit. “Boy this songwriting program sounds like fun! I guess it’s a fun thing on our agenda.” Well, OK. It is fun. And, stepping out of the polarized work/fun paradigm, we can […]

Work vs Fun | January 26th, 2016

It has come to our attention through observation and interactions with human systems that there is a certain polarized paradigm circulating about that merits our attention perhaps. It has to do with a distinction between work and fun/enjoyment/creativity/personal. It seems a deep seeded belief that work is serious, and one puts their time in in […]

Complexity | December 21st, 2015

Our programs create a simple, yet complex assignment to complete, where we intentionally introduce some chaos and ambiguity. This “business simulation” offers a rich review/debrief on clarifying the mission and goal, being creative with generating possibilities, how decisions are made (communication, decision making process, work flow), how leadership emerges, how time and resources are managed, […]

Cook-ing with Rock | November 20th, 2015

I recently spoke with musical and organization (sorry, organisation) consultant cohort from across the Atlantic, Peter Cook, who leads Human Dynamics and The Academy of Rock, a creativity and innovation consultancy with an enviable network of associates and clients around the world. Peter is based in the UK and has been working from a similar […]

Short Case Study from East London | August 12th, 2015

London—An old not-for-profit kicking off an innovation initiative organization-wide. Business case from the CEO, some concepts and examples of innovators and missed chances—then getting the participants into action: – Groups identifying brand and ups and downs associated with it – Some warm-up discussions on what innovation means to you – Then some unusual brainstorming that […]

The Art of Experiential Learning | July 1st, 2015

The art of experiential learning facilitation is in how the debrief/review is utilized to cull learning from experience, and having a process that reveals the system and using the insights to create useful actions that transfer the learning back to the operational system⎯and still having some fun with it. It can be frustrating as a […]

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